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Racing sailboats has its hazards and one of them is stormy weather.

The Club phone number will have a message stating whether racing is on for that particular day, and the decision is based on the best information available at the time of the decision.  However, conditions can change.  Rain will not necessarily cancel racing, but a high expectation of lightning will, and if racing is planned but lightning becomes audible either during race preparation or racing itself, the race will be suspended or cancelled.  Due to the lateness of race starts, a delay of start is generally not feasible.

The decision to race is ultimately the responsibility of the boat owner and individuals participating in the races, not the Lake Region Sailing Club.  Participation in the races shall indicate acceptance of the risks entirely by the participants and release from all liability of the Lake Region Sailing Club and its officers and officials.


Long Lake is located approximately halfway between Portland and Berlin on these maps.  In the National Weather Service Radar Maps, with the 'Rivers' box at the bottom turned on, bodies of water and rivers show as blue images. Sebago Lake is clearly visible, and Long Lake is a diagonal backslash located starting just below northernmost boundary of the county line which encloses Portland.

When radar images of precipitation are present lakes can be obscured by the echoes.  They are best noted when weather is clear for future reference.

The Accuweather Radar has clearer images but no option for showing rivers and lakes.

Images are generally delayed 15 to 30 minutes and so will not indicate the very latest conditions. They should be considered a tool for determining trends only.

Link for AccuWeather Radar, Gray, Maine:


Link for National Weather Service Composite Radar/Gray, Maine:

Link for AccuWeather 7 Day Forecast/Bridgton, Maine: