Lots of folks have an interest in sailing but they just never have gotten around to doing it. Usually it's a matter of never really feeling like they have had the opportunity to give it a try without spending a lot of money before they know if they really like it. Mostly it's just a fear of the unknown. Well, you are in luck. Here's just the ticket for finding out if sailing, and even sailboat racing, is right for you.

Many of our members have boats that need a second pair of hands to sail. And sometimes they are looking for someone who can fill in for a regular crew member who is not available for whatever reason. Or in some cases, they have the crew they need but have room for an additional one or two other folks who can "come along for the ride."

Most of the time, no real experience is necessary. It is always helpful to have been on a boat, sail or power, so that you know what it feels like to move about on a vessel while it is underway. Of course, a sailboat underway acts differently from a power boat but any boat time is an asset. Actual sailing experience is not necessarily a requirement, but the final decision lies with the skipper and his or her sailboat.

If you would like to be contacted about crewing on a boat, click on Contact Us and leave us a note. We'll add your name, phone number, email address and whatever else you tell us, and a skipper who has a need will be able to contact you for a possible slot. Here's your chance to find out if sailing in general and racing in particular is right for you. Who knows, you may find sailing and racing to be just the adventure you have been looking for!